Double Dare Diary

Challenging myself

Challenge #3: Ticking all the boxes

Goal: become more productive overall in preparation of 2017 Manage the balance between 4 important life aspects Work Health Family Friends Every day I have to tick the following boxes Work >=1h on big paper >=30min of programming Health Hit... Continue Reading →


Cookie + kate – the holy grail?

My sister found this blog a while ago. Kate blogs vegetarian recipes and Cookie is her sidekick/very cute mutt. Every recipe I have tried so far is an absolute hit! I especially adore the fact that she has lots of... Continue Reading →

Challenge #1 – Succes

Challenge #1: Running every day of the month November, for at least 30min a day was a success (notice that I don't mention challenge#2- which was a massive fail). It was 30 days of hard work but with good results:... Continue Reading →

Weight Watchers – What I like & what to improve upon

I started with WW less than a month ago: online app/website + going to meetings (€40/month). I'm very motivated to make this work. I started WW because I followed a very strict protein-based diet - I lost more than 20... Continue Reading →

A marathon ?! Challenge#1 DAY#16

I have been slacking in the writing department but not in the running one :). Since the beginning of challenge#1 (first of November) I have run a total of 116,18km (=72mi 335.9925yd=+/-2.5 marathons - over more than two weeks of... Continue Reading →

Veterans day Challenge#1 DAY#10-11-12

Yesterday, it was Veterans Day. In Belgium, we call it Armistice (French) or Wapenstilstand (Dutch) - literally cease-fire. We remember the end of WWI and those who have fallen in WWI and WWII. I was told that Veterans Day in... Continue Reading →

Go out with a run Challenge#1 Day#9

It was a very hectic day today and I really thought I wouldn't find the time to squeeze in my run. I really really wanted to run in the gym because it's raining buckets and very cold. Not a big... Continue Reading →

Cooking… not my forte :( Challenge#1 day#8

My sister has to get up every morning at crazy hours and she has very long days. I wanted to surprise her (since I get up at 6 now - challenge#2 😉 ) with some pancakes. It was a mix,... Continue Reading →

Keep on trucking everyone Challenge#1 Day#7

Although I did well on my challenge#1 (9.5km/h=5mi 1589.326yd/h). I failed on both accounts of challenge#2 :(. But tomorrow there's a new day & new challenge. Just keep on trucking everyone :D!

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